Just a word of thanks to submitters

Greetings boils and ghouls! I just wanted to take this moment to thank all the authors who have so far submitted stories for Something Good to Eat. I have had an absolute blast reading these submissions; the writing I have seen on display is top tier, and I am greatly honored that so many people have offered up their terrific work for consideration in Demon’s Dreaming’s first anthology.

Due to the high volume of tremendous submissions I have already received (less than a month into the submission window no less!), I am already closing in on filling the required number of stories for the anthology. That said, please keep the stories coming, because if the anthology is a success, I am already thinking about the possibility of a second volume for Halloween of 2021!

I will be responding soon to those of you whose stories I have selected for Vol 1, as well as those those whose work I will be passing on. Rest assured that if I passed on your story, the likeliest reason is that it simply isn’t what I’m looking for. Of the stories I have read so far there has not been a single example of work one could possibly deem abjectly bad; I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your efforts and would again like to applaud everyone for their impressive work.

(Side-note: If I pass on your story, but tell you I would like to hang on to it for consideration for Vol 2, don’t be afraid to tell me if you wish to shop the story around elsewhere. You’ll have my complete understanding.)

For those of you I’d like to bring on board, I will be drafting a publication agreement for you all soon, and will then begin the nitty gritty of editing the selected tales. I look forward to collaborating with you all during this process to make your work absolutely sparkle.

Take care of yourselves, stay safe, and thanks again for the great work!

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